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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Neivria loathed doing that, but she had no option. She stood near a wall, in a crowded street. She wore a very low-cut dress and bodice and she tried to approach some gullible man who would feel attracted by her cleavage. That morning she had made two unsuccessful attempts.

Albe was a huge city, full of criminals and with markets that seemed to be plenty of opportunities for a thief, but she could not take advantage of any. She passed the three first days after arriving to Albe settling in her aunt's house and knowing the city. At the fourth day, she walked through the Square of Govria, the biggest in the city. That day, the square was a marketplace. She had not practised very much, but she thought that stealing the money from an unwary passer-by would be easy. She saw a man who held a doublet, with his back towards her. Neivria put her hand into his clothes, grabbed a pouch with a few coins... and she felt that her waist was grabbed firmly. The man turned and told her:

"Are you trying to steal from me?"

"Of course not, sir, it's just that..."


The man hurt her and despite she struggled, he did not let her loose. Finally, she could release pushing the man and she escaped running. She tried again several times during some days, but the only that she got was a bump produced by something that a woman threw while she escaped from her after she tried to stole a pendant from that woman. Neivria got tired of so much failing and she thought that she should team up with other criminals until she earned enough experience. She went over the taverns in the rough part of Albe until two men with dangerous looks approached her and they proposed to her the job that was doing in these moments. Her role was easy: going over a crowded street dressed in a way that attracted attention, seducing any gullible passer-by and bringing him to an alley where her two mates will rob from him everything that he carried. Although it was not easy to convince her victims because people in Albe were wary, they were able to rob three or four men by day. Her part of the loot was the smallest, because her role was the less risky. However, the worst thing for Neivria was that neither her skills, nor her training, nor her intelligence let her to earn money: she was only successful if she showed her cleavage. She deluded herself thinking that she would laugh about these so difficult first steps in her criminal career when she were a feared pirate.

Neivria noticed that a very tall and handsome man with a moustache peeped at her. She thought that he could have a high status and decided to try. She followed him for a while and when he stopped in front of a tavern, she pretended to stumble into him by accident.

"Excuse me, sir. I was miles away."

She felt glad because the man gazed at her and he answered, smiling:

"No need to apologise. You can do it again."

Neivria laughed and remained close to him. She moved her hand to her chest, as if she wanted to cover herself, but, instead, she put it on her dress. That trick never failed: the man, following her hand, looked at his cleavage.

"Thank you, sir."

She went away from him a few steps, wiggling her hips, and she invited to him to follow her with a glance. The man told:

"May I walk with you?"

"If you wish..."

They walked for a while and the man told:

"Your accent is very nice. Where do you come from?"

"From Malgate". She smiled and told: "Thank you, but it's a farmer's accent."

"It sounds very well in your lips."

She loved the compliment. The man turned to his back and brought her behind a big column, pushing her gently. He made Neivria lean her back against its surface. She was trapped between the stone and his arms, and the man gazed at her as if he wanted to kiss her. However, Neivria did not mind, because she felt attracted to him. He approached his face to hers and, instead of kissing her, he whispered in her ear:

"You are gorgeous."

She loved being whispered in that way. And she had to contain herself for not panting when, in a very gentle way, the man started to kiss her neck, from the ear to the bottom. She let him to continue until she considered that it would be not safe to spend more time. Then, she stopped him telling:

"Please, not here."

The man stood up straight in order to look at her:

"Why not?"

"Because anybody could see us. I know a more discreet place."

His companion looked at her attentively:

"An alley?"

"Yes. It's very close to here."

"OK. Let's go."

The man stretched his forearm and they started to walking arm in arm. When they were near the place where he would be ambushed, Neivria saddened. She would go by for having a good time with that handsome and seductive man, but if she would do, his accomplices would get angry. She was so tired of nasty men who forced her to be continuously putting their hands aside her breasts, that she was happy to have known a very different kind of man. She asked him to enter the alley, but the man trapped her again between the wall and his arms and he told:

"Is this the alley you talked about?"

"Yes, it is. Come on!"

"Your accomplices are waiting for me there, aren't they?"

And, before Neivria could react, she found a dagger at a fraction of an inch from her throat. She felt that her heart started to beat really fast and she looked at the man with very opened eyes. He made gestures with his hand and three men that Neivria had not seen until that moment drew their swords and entered the alley. Neivria started to tremble: in Albe only policemen could bear arms.

Neivria heard shouts in the alley while her captor forced her to enter. Her two accomplices went out after a moment with their arms tied in their backs by shackles. One of them, Bumold, looked at her and shouted:

"Did you try to seduce a policeman, you bloody idiot?"

Neivria was affected so deeply that could not answer, but her captor told:

"Do not bother her. I pretended to take the bait. We received several reports from people robbed that were related to a girl with farmer's accent and we decided to capture her."

Her captor forced her to turn and another policeman tied her hands in her back by shackles. She had to contain her tears when she understood that everything was over for her. All her dreams had been broken; she would rot in jail for a long time, perhaps, during years.

The policemen and their prisoners went out the alley. Neivria and her captor walked in the last place and the others had to  hack their way through a group of nosy passers-by. Without levelling her sight, with trembling voice, Neivria told:

"What will happen to me?"

"I don't know. The judge will decide."

They continued moving forward through a very meandering path and, after a long time, they arrived to a huge building and went down to the basement. Her captor took off the shackles from her and, without telling a single word, he locked Neivria up in a small musty smelled cell. The roof was very high and it had only a tiny window at the top. Neivria passed several hours there, feeling very anxious, thinking that she could pass several years locked up in a place like that, or, even, in a worst place. She would never sail the ocean; her world would be reduced to the space between the four walls of his cell.

The same policeman who captured her freed her and took Neivria to a luxury office. A skinny man, with almost not hair and a long and sharp nose, was sat behind a desk. His name was Novot and he was a judge. When he approached, Neivria did not know where she had to place her hands, so she crossed them in front of her, with her arms lowered. His expression was hard and bitter and he was about two inches shorter than her. He asked Neivria about her name, origin, where she lived and the people that lived with her and, finally, if she knew what she was charged with. Neivria answered with low voice, raising her sight as less as possible. She had to tell the judge in which way she started to work with her old accomplices. After that, the judge sashayed pensive in front of her and he asked:

"Aren't you too young for being a criminal, Miss Neivria?"

"I'm nineteen years old, Mister judge."

"That's what I said: too young. And address me as 'your Honour', please". He sashayed for a while and told: "Do that aunt, in whose home you live, know what you work as?"

Neivria always feared that her aunt would realise that she was a thief; however, she was going to pass some time in jail, so she would realise anyway. She was honest:

"She has no idea, your Honour."

The judge looked at her for a while and told to the policeman:

"Percin, tie her wrists with the shackles. We are going to know to Miss Neivria's aunt."

He obeyed and after that, they went out the building accompanied by three more policemen and Neivria conducted them to her aunt's house. The judge knocked the door and, after a short time, her aunt went out. Neivria had a lump in her throat that became unbearable when her aunt seemed terrified looking at the judge, the policemen and Neivria. The judge told:

"Good afternoon, madam, am I talking to Olvanda?"

"Yes, sir, what is happening?"

"Do you know this girl?"

"Yes, I do. She's Neivria, my niece. What did happen?"

The judge answered:

"Let's talk in your house", and he entered.

The judge passed a lot of time in her aunt's house and went out alone. He had in his face the same sour look that he had in his office. He looked at Neivria and told:

"You made your aunt really upset, Miss Neivria, and I think that she did not deserve that."

That was a torture for Neivria and she had to exert herself for containing and begging the judge to be jailed once and for all. He added:

"Did you know that if any of your accomplices had killed one of the victims that you sent to them, you would be sentenced to death in this moment?"

She answered with a tiny voice:

"They assured that they would not kill anybody."

"And did you believe that? Oh, yes! They were not interested in killing anybody because if they would do, they would be lost, but if any of their victims would have resisted with determination, these swine would get angry and would kill him by accident. You wouldn't be the first one who was hanged for something like that."

Neivria felt dizzy and had to make an effort in order to avoid falling down. She hanged on one of the policemen who had trapped her and the policeman held her firmly in order to avoid that she fell down. The judge looked at her and told:

"You were very lucky, Miss Neivria. After getting tired of crying, your aunt begged for mercy upon you, and I will be compassionate. I sentence to you to imprisonment for two weeks. I hope that the darkness, the loneliness and the silence will help you to think about what you want to do with your life from now."

He faced Percin and told:

"Imprison her in one of the cells in the basement. We will draw up the documents after; now, I will have a drink."

And Novot went away accompanied by two policemen. Neivria, Percin and the other policeman came back the building where she was interrogated by the judge. During the walk, she almost came down due to the tension that she had to bear. She recovered when she understood completely how lucky she was. However, she became tormented all the time because she was really near to lose everything in exchange of a few coins of loot.
Chapter IV: Broken dreams
This chapter is devoted to describe Neivria's life after her arrival to Albe. Some comments. I inspired in the "corchetes" for describing the policemen. The "corchetes" were, more or less, policemen during 16th and 17th centuries in Spain. They were in charge of capturing criminals and a sort of "judicial agents". By this, in Govria they receive their orders from the judges. Also, govrian judges are similar to the Spanish ones (and the european ones, perhaps) from that period. In these centuries, the investigation were carried directly by the judges, with the help of the police. Nowadays, judges do not search for evidences that could condemn the prisoners, but that was usual five centuries ago. The problem was that the judge was not impartial since he investigated for gather evidence against the prisoners. Novot acts in that way.

Govria is more similar to a nordic country that to Spain, although I used the historical information that I know the best. Anyway, the judicial system that I depict is not intended to be historically accurate.

Novot judge is the most "Spanish" character so far. I do not know explain why I think that. Perhaps due to his teatricallity (he sashays, he brings with him four policemen for impressing), for his slight arrogance, for his paternalism and his attempts for approaching the prisoners...

Translation of this chapter was difficult for me, mainly, in the dialogues. In Spanish version, I use a lot the "usted-tú" system (deference treatment vs normal speaking) and I do not know if I could express in the proper way the diferences between "usted" and "tú", that are both translated into English as "you". I use a lot in Spanish the deference treatment in order to stablish the relationship between two or more characters. For instance, in Spanish Neivria uses "usted" when she stumbles the handsome man, but he uses immediately "tú" when he answers. He uses "tú" because he liked Neivria and she understands immediately and starts to use "tú" for addressing him. In English I tried to translated making Neivria to addressing him as "sir". When the man answers, he does not use "Miss" or "madam". I'm afraid that the slight sarcasm in some judge's dialogue lines is lost in translation.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Neivria detestaba hacer aquello, pero no tenía alternativa. Estaba de pie cerca de una pared, en una calle transitada. Llevaba un vestido muy escotado y buscaba abordar a algún incauto al que atrajera su escote. Esa mañana había hecho un par de intentos sin éxito.

Albe era una ciudad enorme, con una población criminal de buen tamaño y mercados que parecían llenos de oportunidades para una ladrona, pero no había conseguido aprovechar ninguna de ellas. Dejó pasar tres días tras su llegada para instalarse en casa de su tía y conocer la ciudad. Al cuarto día empezó a recorrer la Plaza de Govria, la mayor de la ciudad, en día de mercado. No lo había practicado mucho, pero robarle la bolsa a algún viandante despistado parecía fácil. Vio a un tipo que sostenía un jubón con el brazo izquierdo, de espaldas a ella. Le deslizó la mano entre sus ropas, agarró un saquillo con unas cuantas monedas... y notó que le asían la muñeca con mucha fuerza. El hombre se volvió y le dijo:

—¿Me estás robando?

—No señor, claro que no, es que...


Le hacía daño y aunque forcejeó, no la soltaba. Consiguió liberarse dándole un empujón y echó a correr. Lo intentó varias veces más durante unos días, pero lo único que consiguió fue un chichón producido por algo que le lanzó una mujer, a la que había intentado quitarle un colgante, mientras huía de ella. Se cansó de tanto fracaso y pensó que debería asociarse con otros malhechores hasta adquirir experiencia. Recorrió varias tabernas de los bajos fondos de Albe hasta que un par de tipos con muy mal aspecto la abordaron y le ofrecieron el trabajo que hacía en aquellos momentos. Su papel era sencillo: pasearse por una calle transitada con una ropa que llamara la atención, seducir a algún incauto y llevárselo a un callejón donde los otros dos tipos le robarían lo que llevase lejos de la vista de los demás. Y aunque no era fácil porque la gente de Albe era desconfiada, lograban desvalijar a tres o cuatro cada día. Su parte era pequeña: su papel era el menos arriesgado. Aunque lo peor para Neivria consistía en saber que ni su habilidad, ni su entrenamiento, ni su inteligencia eran lo que le permitía ganar algún dinero: sólo conseguía resultados si lucía escote. Se ilusionaba pensando en que cuando fuera una pirata temida por todos los marineros, se reiría de aquellos comienzos tan difíciles.

Se fijó en que un hombre con bigote, muy alto y muy apuesto, la miraba con disimulo. Por su aspecto, le pareció alguien de cierta posición y decidió tantearlo. Le siguió un trecho y cuando se detuvo a la puerta de una taberna, fingió tropezar por accidente con él.

—Discúlpeme, señor. Iba distraída.

Le gustó comprobar que el hombre la miró de arriba abajo con interés y que respondió sonriendo:

—No te disculpes. Por mi parte, puedes hacerlo otra vez.

Neivria se rio y se quedó muy cerca de él. Se llevó la mano al pecho, como si quisiera cubrirse, pero lo que hizo fue posarla sobre el vestido. Aquel truco nunca fallaba: al hombre se le fue la vista al escote.

—Gracias, señor.

Se alejó de él unos pasos, contoneándose, y le invitó a seguirla lanzándole una mirada. El hombre dijo:

—¿Te acompaño?

—Si quieres...

Caminaron un rato y su acompañante dijo:

—Tienes un acento muy bonito. ¿De dónde eres?

—De Malgate—. Tras una sonrisa añadió—: gracias, pero mi acento es de campesina.

—En tus labios suena muy bien.

Le encantó el cumplido. El hombre miró hacia atrás y, empujándola suavemente, la llevó tras una columna muy grande y la hizo apoyar la espalda en su superficie. La tenía atrapada contra la piedra y la miraba como si quisiera besarla, pero a Neivria no le importaba, no sólo porque su objetivo fuera seducirle, sino porque le atraía. El hombre acercó el rostro al de Neivria y, en vez de besarla, le susurró al oído:

—Eres preciosa.

Le encantaba que le susurraran de esa manera. Y tuvo que reprimirse para no jadear cuando, con mucha suavidad, el hombre empezó a besarle el cuello, bajando desde la oreja. Le dejó hacer todo el tiempo que consideró prudente y le detuvo diciéndole:

—Aquí no.

El hombre se enderezó para mirarla:

—¿Por qué no?

—Porque nos van a ver... Conozco un sitio más discreto.

Su acompañante la miró con interés:

—¿Un callejón?

—Sí. Muy cerca de aquí.

—Muy bien. Vámonos.

El hombre le tendió un brazo y caminaron por la calle cogidos del brazo. Cuando estuvieron muy cerca del lugar donde iban a tenderle la emboscada, Neivria sintió algo de lástima. Si no fuera porque sus compañeros se enfadarían mucho, habría pasado de largo y se habría ido a disfrutar de un buen rato con aquel hombre tan seductor. Estaba tan harta de tipejos cuyas manos tenía que desviar continuamente de sus pechos que le agradaba haber conocido a alguien diferente. Le indicó que entraran en el callejón, pero el hombre la volvió a atrapar entre la pared y sus brazos y le dijo:

—¿Ese es el callejón al que me llevas?

—Sí. Vamos.

—Ahí me esperan tus compinches, ¿cierto?

Y antes de que Neivria pudiera reaccionar, tenía una daga a milímetros de su garganta. Sintió que el corazón se le desbocaba y miró al hombre con los ojos muy abiertos. Éste hizo gestos con una mano y tres hombres que Neivria no había visto hasta entonces, desenvainaron y entraron en el callejón. Neivria empezó a temblar; en Albe no se permitía a nadie que no fuera policía llevar armas.

Neivria oyó gritos en el callejón mientras su captor la obligaba a entrar en el mismo. Sus dos compañeros salieron al rato con los brazos atados a la espalda con grilletes, empujados por los policías. Uno de ellos, Bumold, la miró y gritó:

—¿Has intentado seducir a un policía, pedazo de imbécil?

Neivria estaba demasiado conmocionada para responder. Fue el hombre que la retenía quien dijo:

—Déjala en paz. Fui yo quién la busqué. Habíamos recibido varias denuncias de robo relacionadas con una chica con acento de pueblo y fuimos a por ella.

Su captor la hizo volverse y otro policía la obligó a poner las manos en la espalda y le aprisionó las muñecas con grilletes. Tuvo que aguantarse las ganas de llorar cuando comprendió que aquello era el fin. Todos sus sueños se habían roto; iba a pudrirse en una celda durante mucho tiempo, quizá, años.

Los policías y sus prisioneros salieron del callejón. Neivria y su captor cerraban la marcha y los de delante tuvieron que abrirse paso a través de un grupo de curiosos. Sin alzar la vista, con voz trémula, Neivria dijo:

—¿Qué me va a pasar?

—No lo sé. Es cosa del juez.

Siguieron avanzando por una ruta un tanto sinuosa y, al cabo de un buen rato, llegaron a un edificio enorme, bajaron al sótano, su captor le quitó los grilletes y, sin una palabra, la encerró en una celda pequeña con olor a humedad, con el techo muy alto y una sola ventana diminuta muy arriba. Neivria pasó varias horas allí, angustiada, pensando que pasaría en un sitio así, o peor, largos años. Nunca surcaría los mares; no conocería más mundo que cuatro paredes.

El mismo policía que la había capturado fue quien la sacó de su encierro y la llevó a un despacho lujoso. Detrás de un escritorio había un hombre delgado, con muy poco pelo y la nariz larga y afilada. Se llamaba Novot y era juez. Cuando se le acercó, Neivria no sabía donde poner las manos, y las cruzó por delante de ella, con los brazos bajados. Su expresión era dura y amarga, y mediría cinco centímetros menos que ella. Le preguntó su nombre, procedencia, dónde vivía y con quien y, por último, si sabía de qué se le acusaba. Neivria respondió a todo con voz débil, alzando la vista lo imprescindible. Tuvo que contarle de qué manera empezó a trabajar con aquellos dos. Tras ello, el juez se paseó pensativo frente a ella y preguntó:

—¿No es usted muy joven para ser delincuente?

—Ya tengo diecinueve años, señor juez.

—Lo que he dicho, demasiado joven. Y llámeme "su señoría"—. Tras otro paseo, añadió—: ¿Y esa tía con quien vive sabe a qué dedica usted?

Siempre había temido que su tía supiera que era una ladrona, aunque dado que iba a pasar un tiempo en la cárcel, se iba a enterar de todos modos. Neivria dijo la verdad:

—No tiene ni idea, su señoría.

El juez la miró un rato y le dijo al policía:

—Percin, póngale los grilletes. Vamos a conocer a la tía de la señorita.

Así lo hizo. Tras ello, salieron del edificio acompañados de tres policías más y Neivria les llevó a su casa. El juez llamó a la puerta y tras una breve espera, su tía salió. Neivria tenía un nudo en la garganta que se volvió insoportable cuando su tía miró aterrada al juez, a los policías y a ella. Antes de que dijera nada, el juez dijo:

—Buenas tardes, señora, ¿es usted Olvanda?

—Sí, señor. ¿Qué sucede?

—¿Conoce a esta muchacha?

—Sí, es mi sobrina Neivria. ¿Qué ha pasado?

—Hablemos dentro— respondió el juez, y entró.

El juez pasó mucho tiempo en casa de su tía y salió de ella solo. Mostraba la misma expresión avinagrada que en su despacho. Miró a Neivria y dijo:

—Le ha dado un disgusto enorme a su tía, y no creo que ella lo mereciera.

Aquello era una tortura para Neivria y le costó contenerse y no exigirle al juez que la encerrara de una vez. Éste añadió:

—¿Sabe que si cualquiera de sus compinches hubiera matado a alguna de las víctimas que usted les entregó, estaría ahora mismo condenada a muerte?

Con un hilo de voz, respondió:

—Me aseguraron que no matarían a nadie.

—¿Y usted se lo creyó? ¡Oh, sí! No les interesaba matar a nadie porque estarían perdidos, pero bastaría con que cualquiera de sus víctimas se resistiera con determinación para que esos canallas montaran en cólera y lo matasen. No sería usted la primera que acaba en la horca por algo así.

Neivria se sintió mareada y tuvo que esforzarse por no caerse. Se apoyó en uno de los policías que la sujetaban, quien la asió con más fuerza para evitar que fuera al suelo. El juez la miró y dijo:

—Ha tenido mucha suerte, Neivria. Después de hartarse de llorar, su tía me suplicó piedad para usted, y se la voy a conceder. La condeno a dos semanas de reclusión. Espero que la oscuridad, la soledad y el silencio la hagan pensar en lo que quiere hacer con su vida a partir de ahora.

Se volvió hacia Percin y dijo:

—Llévesela y enciérrela en una de las mazmorras del sótano. Redactaremos los documentos después; ahora voy a beber algo.

Y se marchó con dos de los policías. Neivria, Percin y el otro policía regresaron al edificio donde la había interrogado el juez. Durante el camino, estuvo a punto de venirse abajo por culpa de la tensión que había padecido. Se recuperó cuando terminó de asimilar la suerte que había tenido, aunque no dejaba de atormentarse al saber lo cerca que había estado de perderlo todo a cambio de las pocas monedas que había obtenido como botín.
Capitulo IV: Suennos rotos
El título del capítulo es "Sueños rotos", obviamente, pero no puedo poner eñes en el título.

En este capítulo narro cómo es la vida de Neivria tras abandonar su pueblo natal. Sólo unos comentarios. Los policías que aparecen aquí están inspirados en los corchetes, un equivalente aproximado de la España del Siglo de Oro. Los corchetes eran los encargados de capturar a los delincuentes y eran una especie de agentes judiciales. Por eso, hago depender a la policía directamente de los jueces. Por otro lado, los jueces govrianos se parecen a los españoles (y quizá al resto de los europeos) de la época. En esa época no sucedía lo que hoy en día, en que la investigación policial y la judicial son independientes. En el Siglo de Oro, los jueces investigaban activamente al reo, en vez de oír las conclusiones policiales. Eso tenía el problema de falta de imparcialidad, porque el que juzgaba se ocupaba de buscar las pruebas incriminatorias. El juez Novot actúa de esa manera, como puede leerse.

Govria es más parecida a un país nórdico que a España, aunque me haya inspirado en los datos históricos que mejor conozco. Y, de todos modos, el sistema judicial que describo no pretende ser histórico.

El juez Novot es el personaje más "español" que ha aparecido hasta ahora. No sabría decir exactamente por qué: por su teatralidad (se pone a dar paseos, se hace acompañar de cuatro policías para impresionar), por el punto de arrogancia que tiene, por la cercanía y el paternalismo que muestra hacia los reos...
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(Contains: violence/gore)
The first part of the journey, the one in which the Sun still shone, was the less disturbing. Vermin could be hidden between the bushes, but the scouts who patrolled around the marching column prevented any kind of ambush. Each two hours, the army stopped in order to let the soldiers rest. During the three first stops, Loztu heard rumours about that the scouts had killed, at least, three vermin. However, that was usual during those marches.

The forest became scary at the sunset. When it was difficult to see due to the lack of light, their sergeant ordered them to stop and light some fires. They set up their tents close one another, inside a circle made with fires and torches. As it happened to him before, Loztu felt worried because the circle of torches seemed to darken the outer forest, and then, if they were attacked, they would not be able to see the enemy until the last moment. He tried to calm down himself remembering that there were sentinels posted outside the circle of fires and torches.

Although they were about two hundred soldiers, the area was almost in silence, and Loztu and his comrades in arms always whispered because they kept attentive to any noise from the forest. They heard some vermin groans in the distance that was something usual during a night in the forest. But these groans demoralized the soldiers, especially the non-professional ones. As the usual was to recruit the soldiers in their military service according, if possible, to their preferences, the most common situation was to be posted to a different squad each time. By this, Loztu did not know any of his comrades, although his sergeant knew a couple of soldiers and another two comrades had served together in the past. However, they were good mates for a march like that.

Despite that he felt very tired for an entire day marching, Loztu did not like to be ordered to enter in his tent for sleeping. He left his breastplate, his shield and his axe close to him and he covered himself with his blanket. It was difficult for him but, finally, he fell asleep.

And, after a moment according to him, Loztu woke up due to the sound of pipes, drum rolls and officers' shouts. His sergeant shouted two orders: "become armed and prepare for forming up". It was evident that the camp was under attack. His nervousness let him down and he had to release and to adjust again one of the straps of his breastplate; usually he was able to adjust himself the breastplate very easily. He went out the tent so confused and blinded that he could not see where the comrades of his own squad were. His surroundings situation was chaotic: soldiers running carrying torches, other soldiers going out the tents half dressed, shouts and alarm warnings. The sergeant shouted irritated his name and he could finally find his squad. When he reached them, the sergeant shouted:

"Drop your shields, take a torch and form up in a circle!"

Loztu obeyed worried. He always relied in his shield for defending himself and he felt vulnerable fighting without it. But holding a torch was necessary, because it was impossible to fight against a foe that it could not be seen. He felt proud because his squad formed up immediately, despite it was composed of non-professional recruits.

They did not expect that a squad formed by young soldiers in their military service could reject the enemy: that was the professional soldiers' task. They were only ordered to avoid being killed. Apparently, the combat was taking place further and further away from them and the zone was almost in silence after the pipes and drums stopped. It could be heard intermittent sounds of fight, and Loztu's concern increased when his sergeant, who formed with them, told with loud voice:

"Don't break formation."

If the sergeant told that, then his comrades were about to become demoralised. Loztu, still muddled, found it hard to realise that, around him, growls and sounds of tiny footsteps could be heard. A comrade shrieked and he seemed to have tried to hit something. The sergeant told without shouting:

"Geiru, come back."

Suddenly, a humanoid being with fangs, claws and ears similar to the ones of a cat appeared in front of Loztu. The vermin reached only up to his waist and it had a tail. The monster came closer, but Loztu shooed it with his torch. He took the bait, abandoned the formation and attacked the vermin with a couple of axe blows that he launched from too afar. The soldier in his right did the same, but he came further than him. The sergeant insisted:

"Come back to formation!"

Loztu obeyed. He knew that, wearing light armour, chasing to these vermin alone was suicide, but he hardly could avoid to be carried along by his anger, by the desire of destroying these monsters that hounded him. For a long time, their enemies feinted attacks that could disorganise the formation, although they were not able to break it. The formation was forced to move close to a huge tree.

And then, they were attacked from everywhere. Loztu's tension and fear turned into rage. He had not time for remembering his father's advices. He cried in anger and attacked the vermin who tried to pounce on him. He gave it a hard blow in its chest with the side of his axe and with another weak blow, he shooed his enemy. Lotzu only could think in killing. He attacked the monster that hounded his comrade in the right and he killed it with a terrible blow that destroyed its arm and its side. He heard the soldier in his left crying for help and hammered his axe in the back of the vermin that tried to finish his fallen comrade. Loztu had to trample the corpse for releasing his axe.

Loztu spun himself and rose the axe when he saw the smallest move around him. He shouted challenges to invisible enemies while he panted. Somebody held his arm, the one that gripped the axe and he heard his sergeant's voice:

"Calm down, boy, we've won"

He lowered the arm that held the axe and looked at his comrades. The one who cried for help was still in pain and he could not stand up yet. Another comrade was being bandaged. Loztu could not believe that everything was finished. He felt confused for a while, until a group of professional soldiers came and talked a bit with his sergeant. He heard that they had rejected the enemy and no soldier had been killed, but the vermin stole the fourth part of the supplies. When he calmed down, he realised that he was uninjured and he had killed two vermin and shooed another one. He had never achieved something similar.

However, he could not calm himself completely. He was ordered to return back the tent and rest, but he could not sleep. By this, he was exhausted in the morning. His comrades were in good condition: only the one that Loztu saved from death had to continue travelling by carriage.

They marched the entire day, this time hurrying a little more in order to avoid a second night in the forest. It was hard for Loztu not getting asleep during the breaks, and he looked forward to arrive at the Dyke. The forest started to get dark during their march and Loztu was afraid of having to stop before arriving at the camp in the Dyke.

And all his fears vanished when the military band that travelled with the army started to intone a song, the one used for announce the army's arrival at the camp. Although Lotzu felt completely exhausted, that song encouraged him to go over the remaining distance up to the Dyke.
Chapter III: Marching throught the forest
Although I have still to make some corrections to the chapter two, I will publish the third one. In this chapter, we can know a bit of Loztu's "normal life". This chapter continues from the exact point where chapter one ended.

In connection with music, it is very appropiate for the last paragraph this March by Carlos Núñez:… ("Entrelazado de Allariz"; Allariz is a village in Galicia. As the title is in galician, I am not sure if it is a right translation, but it should mean: "Interwoven of Allariz"). It is a muiñeira (traditional galician type of song) adapted as a march. I liked because it starts only with a little percusion and a flute but the end is very different, as if the army would want to announce that they are arriving and, after, they would want to show that they have enough strength for being heard in the entire forest.

La versión en español está en:…
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: violence/gore)
La primera parte del trayecto, aquella en la que hubo luz, fue la menos inquietante. Podía esconderse cualquier alimaña entre los arbustos, pero los exploradores que precedían a la columna principal y los que patrullaban sus flancos evitaban cualquier emboscada. Cada dos horas, el ejército se detenía para que la tropa descansara. Durante las tres primeras paradas, Loztu oyó rumores acerca de que los exploradores habían matado a tres de aquellos seres: nada fuera de lo habitual en aquellos viajes.

El aspecto del bosque se tornó sinestro cuando atardeció. En el momento en que empezaba a ser difícil ver, su sargento les hizo detenerse y encender varias hogueras. Levantaron las tiendas de campaña cerca unas de otras, dentro de un círculo de hogueras y antorchas. Algo que inquietó a Loztu, como otras veces, fue que el círculo de antorchas parecía ennegrecer el bosque de manera que, en caso de ataque, no verían al enemigo hasta que lo tuvieran encima. Se quiso tranquilizar recordando que había centinelas apostados fuera del círculo de antorchas.

Aunque eran unos doscientos soldados, apenas se oían voces, y Loztu y sus compañeros de pelotón hablaban en susurros, atentos a cualquier ruido que proviniera del bosque. Y oyeron algunos gritos de alimañas a lo lejos. También era habitual si se pasaba una noche allí, pero no dejaba de ensombrecer el ánimo de la tropa. Como lo normal era que llamaran a filas a los reclutas atendiendo a sus preferencias en la medida de lo posible, era corriente ser destinado a un pelotón distinto cada vez. Por ello, Loztu no conocía a ninguno de sus compañeros, aunque su sargento conocía a un par y otros dos habían servido juntos en otras ocasiones. No obstante, eran una buena compañía para una marcha como aquella.

Sin muchas ganas a pesar del cansancio de un día de marcha, Loztu entró en la tienda que le tocaba, dejó el peto, el escudo y el hacha cerca de él y se envolvió en sus mantas. Le costó un buen rato, pero, por fin, se quedó dormido.

Y tras lo que creyó un instante, Loztu despertó alertado por toques de gaita, redobles de tambor y gritos de los oficiales. Su sargento les ordenó a gritos que se armaran y formasen fuera de la tienda. Era obvio que estaban atacando el campamento. Los nervios le traicionaron y tuvo que soltar y volver a ajustar una correa del peto, cuando en condiciones normales era capaz de ajustarlo con los ojos cerrados. Salió tan confundido y cegado que no veía ni a sus compañeros. El campamento estaba sumido en el desorden, con soldados corriendo con antorchas, otros saliendo a medio vestir, gritos y sonidos de alarma. El sargento gritó furioso su nombre y eso le permitió encontrar a sus camaradas. Cuando estuvo junto a ellos, el oficial gritó:

—¡Soltad los escudos, tomad una antorcha y formad en círculo!

Loztu obedeció preocupado. Siempre fiaba la defensa en el escudo y se sentía vulnerable sin él, pero no podía combatir contra aquello que no veía. Se enorgulleció al comprobar que aunque sólo eran reclutas que cumplían el servicio militar, adoptaron la formación en un instante.

No se esperaba de ellos que repelieran al enemigo: eso era cosa de los profesionales. Sólo se les pedía no dejarse matar. El combate pareció alejarse de ellos y el silencio se adueñó del lugar cuando callaron las gaitas y los tambores. Había ruido de lucha intermitente y aquello intranquilizó a Loztu. Y más nervioso se puso cuando el sargento, que formaba con ellos, dijo en voz baja:

—No rompáis la formación.

Si el sargento decía aquello, era porque la moral de sus compañeros estaba al límite. Con los sentidos aún embotados, le costó darse cuenta de que, a su alrededor, se oían gruñidos y el rumor de pies diminutos que corrían por la hierba. Un compañero gritó y pareció golpear algo. El sargento dijo sin alzar la voz:

—Geiru, retrocede.

De pronto, apareció ante Loztu un ser humanoide con colmillos, garras y orejas de gato, que le llegaría un poco más arriba de la cintura y tenía cola. Fue hacia él, pero lo ahuyentó con la antorcha. Cayó en la trampa y, abandonando la formación, le lanzó un par de hachazos desde demasiado lejos. El soldado de su derecha hizo lo propio y se alejó aún más. El sargento insistió.

—¡Volved a la formación!

Loztu obedeció. Sabía que, con armadura ligera, perseguir a aquellos seres en solitario era un suicidio, pero no podía evitar dejarse llevar por la rabia, por el ansia de destrozar a aquellos monstruos que lo acosaban. Durante largo rato, la formación de Loztu sufrió amagos de ataques que lograron desorganizarla, aunque no romperla, y desplazarla cerca del tronco de un árbol enorme.

Y, entonces, les atacaron por todas partes. La tensión y el miedo de Loztu se convirtieron en rabia. No tuvo tiempo para recordar los consejos de su padre. Gritó y lanzó un golpe muy fuerte al ser que quiso saltar sobre él. Le alcanzó en el pecho con el canto de la hoja y con otro golpe de refilón lo hizo huir. Loztu sólo pensaba en matar. Atacó al monstruo que acosaba a su compañero de la derecha y lo mató de un golpe terrible que le destrozó el brazo y el costado. Oyó pedir auxilio al soldado de su izquierda y alcanzó de lleno en la espalda al enemigo que pretendía rematar a su compañero, que estaba en el suelo. Tuvo que pisar el cadáver para liberar el hacha.

Loztu giraba sobre sí mismo y alzaba el hacha ante cualquier sombra. Gritaba desafíos entre jadeos a enemigos que no veía. Alguien le sujetó el brazo del arma y oyó a su sargento.

—Calma, muchacho, hemos vencido.

Bajó el brazo del hacha y miró a sus compañeros. El que le había pedido auxilio seguía doliéndose en el suelo, y a otro le estaban vendando una herida. No se podía creer que todo hubiera terminado. Estuvo un rato desorientado, hasta que vino un grupo de soldados profesionales y hablaron un instante con su sargento. Oyó que habían rechazado el ataque sin que muriera ningún soldado, pero que habían perdido casi la cuarta parte de las provisiones, el objetivo principal de aquellos seres. Al tranquilizarse un poco, se dio cuenta de que no tenía ni un rasguño y de que había matado a dos de aquellas alimañas y puesto en fuga a una tercera. Nunca había logrado nada semejante.  

Sin embargo, no logró calmarse lo suficiente. Le ordenaron volver a la tienda y descansar, pero fue incapaz de dormir, de manera que a la mañana siguiente estaba agotado. De sus ocho compañeros de pelotón, sólo aquel al que Loztu había salvado hubo de seguir camino en una carreta.

Avanzaron todo el día, esta vez con algo más de prisa, para evitar una segunda acampada en el bosque. A Loztu le costaba mucho trabajo no dormirse durante los descansos, y estaba ansioso por llegar al Muro. El bosque empezó a oscurecerse mientras seguían marchando, y Loztu se temió que tuvieran que parar antes de tiempo.

Y todos sus temores desaparecieron cuando la banda militar que les acompañaba empezó a entonar una canción, la que usaban para anunciar su llegada al campamento. Aunque Loztu se sentía al límite de sus fuerzas, aquella música le dio los ánimos necesarios para recorrer el último trecho que le separaba del Muro.
Capitulo III: Marcha a traves del bosque
A falta de algunas correcciones que he de hacerle al capítulo 2, publico el tercero. Da una idea de lo que es la vida, más o menos normal, de Loztu y continúa justo donde se dejó en el capítulo 1.

Como banda sonora, le pega mucho al final del capítulo la "Marcha do Entrelazado de Allariz" (que es una muiñeira adaptada como marcha) en su versión de Carlos Núñez:… . Me gusta porque empieza muy suave y acaba de una manera muy diferente, como si el ejército quisiera empezar anunciando su llegada y, después, demostrar que tienen las fuerzas suficientes para que se les oiga en todo el bosque.

The version in English is here:…
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Neivria had hardly slept that night and she woke up in a bad mood. However, her annoyance turned into sadness during the first moments of the morning. She was having her breakfast on a stone-made bench that was close to one of the walls of her home. It was a sunny day and the fields that her family cultivated could be seen from her position. The houses of Malgate were a little farther from the fields.

Although she was eager to leave Malgate long ago, she did not want to be forced to leave in order to avoid bigger problems. It had been her father's fault, because he did not want to give her permission for leaving when Neivria asked him a year ago. She would become the most famous pirate in the Ocean and she could not achieve her dream in a farmers' village like Malgate. Her father did not let her moving to her aunt's house in Albe, a town where a skilled thief like her could get rich and harden. She had no option but misbehaving. Her goal was irritating them until they let him leave. Taking advantage to the fact that she did not get along with the other girls, she started to provoke them and she had some fights. Although she had been trained in martial arts, those fights were not too much hard, only a little of hair pulling, some scratches and some ruined dresses, but these fights caused a lot of problems to her parents. She started to mingle with bad persons, and she learnt a lot from them. She spent some nights in the dungeon of the town, but they still denied the permission for leaving.

Her failure on obtaining the permission infuriated her more and more. And, a week ago, she spent all the evening pestering Palava, a girl as tall as Neivria and as twice as heavy. Palava felt so irritated that, taking advantage of her strength and size, she slammed Neivria against a wall, pulled her hair and hit her head against that wall. Her foe gave her a cut under her hair that started to bleed. Neivria forgot their martial arts instructor's rule: never use her abilities against untrained foes excepting if her live was in danger. She lost her mind and punched and kicked Palava until she fell and after, she sat on her attacker and punched her face until four girls separated them, fortunately. After, Neivria regretted so much, but the damage was done. Her father had a heated argument with Palava's father, and after a meeting with the mayor, he told that Neivria will move to her aunt's house in Albe. Neivria had a heated argument too with his father and they told each other very hard and nasty words. When she calmed down, she understood that she had gone too far during the argument, but that was their last conversation.  

Neivria was not very damaged during the fight against Palava: the cut in the head, that bleed a little but was nos serious and a bit of pain in her hands due to the punches that she gave, but Palava was so thrashed that she did not go out from her house and she wanted to visit her for apologising, but they did not open the door.

Neivria finished the breakfast and thought that she had to go or the caravan to Albe would depart without her. She was surprised and felt hurt because her luggage was next to the door, out of her home. She knocked and her mother opened the door.

"What do you want?"

"I'd... I'd like to check if I have forgotten something."

Her mother pointed at the luggage and told:

"All your things are there. You forgot nothing."

"But... May I... may I go into for a moment?"

Her mother left the door opened and got away from her. Neivria went into and told her:

"Where is dad? I'd like to say good-bye to him"

"He had to go. He asked me for wishing you a good travel in his name"

That broke Neivria's heart. She understood her father's anger, but she expected a farewell from him. In that moment, her younger sister ran down the stairs and greeted Neivria. Her sister was very glad because she would sleep in Neivria's former bedroom that night and she wanted to show her mother the changes that she was making in it. Her mother told Neivria, while she followed her younger daughter:

"Good bye, Neivria. Have a nice travel."

Her mother hardly looked at Neivria. Her younger sister said her goodbye when she was starting to going up the stairs. Neivria went out her house and closed the door. She revised her luggage, verified that she had not forgotten anything, put on her sword belt, wore her rucksack and headed to the center of Malgate, holding her bow. She felt pity because she had to leave the dresses that she wore in parties and dances. She wondered if she really had became a so insufferable girl than even her own parents were eager to see her leaving Malgate. She also wondered why following a dream was so painful.

She walked by a path, through fields of wheat. April was starting, so the harvest time will begin in four months. For the first time, Neivria would not help her parents and her sister during that time. She stopped, turned around and gazed at her house for a while. She started to cry and she continued sobbing while went away her home again. She looked forward to leave her village so much than she did not think that she could miss her old life. She only understood how important her family's love was for her when she lost it. She stopped again and used a handkerchief for drying her tears. She was about to coming back and begging her mother for letting her return to her old life. Unfortunately, that was no longer her parents' decision: the mayor found no solution but expelling her from Malgate.

When she walked by the main street of the village, she no longer cried. It was early in the morning and the street was almost empty of people. When she crossed the Square of the Baskets, she saw three boys sat close to the fountain. They were Mancel, Bortane and a third boy that she only knew by sight. They looked at her when she passed near the fountain and Bortane told:

"Our Neivria is already leaving"

"What a pity! She is really smoking hot", the third one told.

"I agree. She has a really nice pair of tits", Bortane told as a conclusion.

Neivria felt annoyed for that conversation, but she preferred to ignore them. When she arrived to the terrace where the covered wagons and other carriages that formed the caravan were congregated, in the outskirts of Malgate, she left her luggage in the ground and she sat on a big stone in order to wait for the departure time. And she felt irritated when she saw that Calenia came towards her, accompanied by a very handsome boy who Neivria had never seen before. Calenia and Neivria were enemies from the moment in which Calenia stole a boyfriend from Neivria. She recovered him after a few weeks, but they hated each other from that time. Neivria hated her because she was more beautiful and Calenia hated her for the same reason. Neivria did not want to see her in that moment. She stood up and told her:

"What are you doing here?"

Her enemy stopped and told:

"I couldn't miss it. You are leaving; it's a fantastic and beautiful dream".

"Why don't you go to other place to celebrate it?"

"How ungrateful you are! I came here to say goodbye and for ensuring that you are actually leaving Malgate"

Neivria looked at the boy who accompanied Neivria. She came nearer to them and told:

"Who is this boy? Is he your boyfriend or only another dupe boy that you are trying to fuck with?"

"He is my boyfriend. You are the sluttiest girl in Malgate, not me".

Neivria enjoyed seeing the anger that Calenia expressed when she stopped close to her and her boyfriend. Neivria caressed the boy's cheek and told him:

"You're so cute... Unfortunately, I must go. In other case, I would show you the way in which a true woman makes love.

The boy showed with a grimace that he felt annoyed by Neivria, and he tried to talk, but Calenia did not let him. Her rival finished the caress with a slap in Neivria's forearm and she tried to smack Calenia, but she stopped it with her hand. Then, they started a ridiculous fight in which both girls slapped their hands each other. The fight finished when the boy placed himself between them. He was slapped several times by both girls before he could separate them. Neivria thought that it was not worth to start a real fight, so she returned to the stone where she was sat. Calenia's new boyfriend should be a real hen-pecked boy if he accepted to go with her for meeting with Neivria, and he probably did not know that he was there in order to separate Calenia and Neivria if they started to fight. When Neivria fought against other girls, she always tried to fight in front of their friends. She hoped that they would separate them before her foe could come off badly. That was a dangerous game and the fight against Palava ended in a so bad way because the girl who accompanied her was small and weak, so she felt that she was unable to separate two bigger girls that fought fiercessly. Palava's friend looked for help, but the girls who separated them were too late. When Neivria was again close to her luggage, she told to Calenia's boyfriend:

"Your girlfriend is very beautiful, but don't touch her arse. It's flabby and hairy."

The unfortunate boy seemed annoyed again and tried to answer, but Calenia talked first another time.

"And your tits are saggy, you moron!"

Neivria touched her breasts and told to her enemy's boyfriend:

"That's not true. May I go there for showing it to you?"

Calenia's boyfriend had only time to reject Neivria's proposition with a hand gesture; his girlfriend replied:

"If you come closer, I'll smash your face."

Neivria replied, about to start laughing:

"Let's see if I go for you and I pull your hair out. Pig hair is expensive".

"It's too bad that whore's hair costs less than a fucking piece of shit, but come here if you dare."

Neivria was tired of arguing with her, so she did not answered and she sat. After about a half of an hour, she saw other passengers going to the carriages, so she did the same. She got on an uncovered carriage that was occupied by an unknown woman and a lot of sacks of grain. Calenia and her boyfriend were still in the terrace, and they remained there looking at the caravan while it was leaving the town. Neivria felt very sad while she gazed at the houses of Malgate until, after a curve, a hill hid them.
Chapter II: Goodbye, Malgate
The second chapter, where the female protagonist, Neivria, is introduced. The situation for her is completely the opposite as the one for Loztu, excepting in some minor facts.

About the traslation from Spanish, there are some comments. I am trying to use a standard English. When it is not possible, I try to use British English, because I am european, but as I read more texts in American English I could mix both versions of English. The "strong language" and vulgar language are very hard for translating. In the original in Spanish, the three boys' comments are offensive but they are a little bit more indirect than in English version. The only "strong word" that Neivria uses, in Spanish sounds more colloquial than offensive: it's rather "light" and even children use it. The translation has the same meaning, but perhaps is "stronger" in English. Calenia's bad words should sound rather strong in English, because they are very offensive in the Spanish version.

I did not find music for this chapter.

One of the tags is expermental.

The version in Spanish is here:…

REMARK: I made some changes in the text as suggested below. I named some terciary characters because had little sense that Neivria did not know their names, I clarified why Calenia's new boyfriend says no word (her girlfriend do not give him opportunities... in fact, Calenia's boyfriend is intimidated by both girls). I have given more importance to the description of the fight between Neivria and Palava, hinting at the fact that it was really hard. It was very different from the previous childish fights and it was enough hard to justify why Neivria was expelled from Malgate.

I added also something that I forgot. Neivria's father did not want to say goodbye to her because they had a heated argument. This also helps to understand that Neivria is not very resentful and she uses to forgive others faster than others to her. As she hardly understand resentful people, she feels hurt when she is not forgiven.
I will upload in one ore two weeks the first chapter of a story that will take place in a couple of imaginary countries. This journal entry will be aimed to organise the material that I have developed so far and to talk a little bit about the planning.

The map can be found here: Map of the islands of Govria or Hakol

An overall description of the Republic of Hakol (Eastern part of the biggest isle and the small isle in the South): Republic of Hakol

Description of the Kingdom of Govria (the remainder of the isles): Kingdom of Govria

The first comment is about the language. So far, I wrote all the information in English. I do not know if I will translate it into Spanish. However, I am writting the chapters in Spanish, because I need to practise literary writting in my own language. But I will not upload them until I have an English version completed. Anyway, I also wish to improve my English, so making these translations will be good for me and more people will be able to read the chapters.

This story is not planned. That is, I have created separate scenes, but I have only an overall idea about the plot.

The story will have two main characters: a hakol male and a govrian female. And this is my first problem. The stories that I upload here are "experimental". I never write about eroticism or sex, excepting in DeviantArt. This time, I would like to join to a "trend" in modern fantasy: depicting adventures, action, fights, as in classic fantasy, but adding romanticism and eroticism. I never did it. Chrystalle's diary (a story that I will finish and upload) is not the same: that is a completely erotic tale with very few action or adventuring. This new story will be the opposite. If you like manga (japanese comics) it will be something similar to a manga with Eechi moments. Erotic scenes will be usually comical and very light.

The problem is this: some chapters will be suitable for all audiences, but some chapters will be have to be marked as "mature content". For instance, first chapter is suitable for all audiences, because hakols are very formal and polite. Second one will include "strong language", because govrian are a little bit different. I think that I will mark the entire story as mature content. If a young reader sees a chapter suitable for him or her, gets interested and sees that the following chapter is only for mature audiencies, he or she would feel very dissapointed. But, what do you think?


I will start to fill my profile. First of all, I must say that English is not my native tongue, so I would like to apologise for the mistakes in my texts. If your mother tongue is English, your corrections will be welcome.

I will use this place to publish erotic tales. I am too shy for writting this kind of literature, so in this profile I will always remain annonymous.

A very important remark is that my writtings are intended to be respectful with the women (and with the men). I will never write about humiliations, rapes or other kind of topics that could be interpreted as a defense of treating women as if they were born only to be sexual objects. If you think that this is my goal then, probably, I will need to improve a lot my English.

I hope that you enjoy my writtings, when published.

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Hola. Gracias por la visita y me alegro de que te gusten las fotos. También he estado escribiendo algunas cosas, aparte de fotografiar flores. A ver si subo algo por aquí, que hace tiempo que no lo hago.

Espero que sigas paseándote por DeviantArt de vez en cuando. Un saludo.
xti100lagrimas Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014
Pues ya estás tardando jajaja nah, si yo estoy igual, textos sin terminar y por supuesto sin subir, que desastre!
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Thanks for the fave :)
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Thank you for the favorites. :)
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