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Al last, a very important discovering for me has been done in the CERN (European Council for Nuclear Research). You can read the commuinication here:…

The CERN is the most important laboratory about particle physics in Europe and, perhaps, in the world. They discovered the Higgs' boson and, finally, the Force.

I have ask by email a copy of the work by Ben Kenobi, in order to learn how to use the Force. I tried to use it from several years ago, but I always failed, despite the high amount of concentration that I reserved for my attempts. I tried to lift a car using the Force, but I never succeeded. When I went to pubs, I always tried to convince beautiful girls by moving my hand in front of them and telling: "you want to be my girlfriend", but I never got any date.

I thought that, perhaps, the Force does not exist, or that girls and cars in my country were not affected by it. However, if the CERN has found the Force, then my problem was an incorrect usage of the Force.

I am really happy. I will take photos of myself using the Force and I will upload in DA, when I learn the proper usage of the Force.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
My second error was gazing at her, waiting for an explanation about that problem. Quickly, by treachery, she punched my belly, just below my navel. She took me by surprise and I could not react, only groan and bend down. Her first punch was terribly hard. She punched my belly twice more, but I was bent and aware, and she damaged me very little. But I had not recovered from the first hit, so she punched me another time, she pushed me and I fell over. I understood that I had to stand up as quick as possible or she could start to kick me. Fortunately, instead of attacking me, she told:

'Was it enough for you, bloody whore?'

I still had my belly in pain, however, I stood up, determined to give her a hidding, but she reacted faster. She attacked me, shouting as a mad woman, trying to punch my head and pulling my hair. I am a well trained fighter; despite my pain, I could block her punches, but I could not avoid to have my hair firmly pulled by that crazy harpy. Finally, I regained my strength and I released my hair from her. Quickly, I gave her a hard slap which forced her to turn and show me her side. I grabbed her hair and her clothes in her back and I hit her against the wall. I was very angry, but I could control myself and I did not hit her too firmly. It would not be good for me to injure Shaleen, even if she were a crazy woman; I only intended to get her stunned a little bit for pulling her after and flooring her, and that worked. She fell over and I jumped on her, held her right arm and I twisted it on her back."

Charles told, pretending to be sad, but really joking:

"Poor Chrystalle. They always hit your belly. First Lenore, and now Shaleen. It must be envy, because you have a very nice belly."

"It was not the same, my lord. Lenore hit me for fake, Shaleen did not."

Charles told, about to laugh

"Don't worry, my dear, I will cure your poor belly."

And he put down the sheets and started to kiss my belly. I laughed a bit and I put my hands on his head. He told several times: 'Do you feel better?' and I always answered 'yes, my lord'. Finally, I told, joking:

"My lord, it's very disgusting for you to cure me, isn't it?"

He answered, after having kissed my navel:

"Oh! I'm suffering a lot with this, but you deserve that kind of sacrifices."

Finally, he left my belly and kissed for a long time my lips, and he asked me for continuing the tale.

"I must admit that Shaleen was not as wicked as she seems. She was very bad tempered, she was a little mad and she was not very intelligent, but she was also a little bit naive. When I twisted her arm, she started to shout very loudly as if I were broken her arm but, actually, I was twisting her arm firmly, but not so much for causing her real pain. She besought me to not damage her several times, and she started to cry bitterly. I was tired of her volatile personality, but I felt moved for the way she was crying. You would think that I am a little bit silly, but I am not capable to destroy a defeated foe who is beseeching me and is crying. I released her arm, but I remained sat on her backside and holding her shoulders for not letting her move. She only covered her eyes, still crying bitterly, and she started to say:

'Why had you to do it? Why did you fuck my lord? There are a lot of men in the world, why Lord Evans?'

I did not understand what was happening with Shaleen. I told, a little bit amazed and in a slightly tender way:

'It's my work. I'm a thareansy. I thought that you knew that. Please, stop crying.'

She did not stop crying bitterly, and I was convinced that I will have to deal with a crybaby in one of her worse moments. Probably I would lose all the evening with her, but if I could calm her and discover the problem that she had, I could train for the fight without fearing another attack from her. She told me:

'I knew, but why are you getting money out of Lord Evans taking advantage of him, making the most of his loneliness? He doesn't deserve, he is a very good man.'

'I don't get money out of him, neither I get money out of any nobleman I have to sleep with.'

She sighed and answered:

'I can't believe... which is your goal then? Do you seduce man for damaging them? Is it a form of laughing about them?'

'I don't know what your problem is, but I'm not as wicked as you think. My work is make the men happy. The King sends me to a nobleman as a way for giving thanks for his services, usually when they can't have easily a woman in his bed, as Lord Evans occurs himself. Because I think that you'll agree: very few women would like to sleep with a man as terribly obese as him.'

Her furious answer made me understand:

'Don't dare to talk about my lord in that way, bloody whore! He is the best man I've ever known; nobody should reject to the people because they are fat, there are a lot of things more important in a man!'

I finally understood and I told, really moved:

'Oh, my God! You are in love with Lord Evans, and you are so jealous that you can't stand to meet me. I didn't know, I couldn't know it.'

She shouted again; she did not seem to be aware that I had her immobilized, and I could hit her hardly if I wanted, because she told in rage:

'Don't lie, bloody whore! Everybody knows that in palace! Everybody laughs at me for that, for being so tall, for being so ugly! Release me bloody jerk, whore, moron!'

She tried to move, but I press her firmly against the ground and she started to cry again. I tried to convince her, although I was afraid that it would be useless:

'I arrived here a few days ago, I had no time for hearing the rumors. And, probably, I'm not the only person who unknows them. Lord Evans neither knew your name.'

'Stop lying, whore!'

That day I knew how patient I was, because I controlled myself and I told her, calmly:

'I'm telling the truth. Think a little bit, Shaleen. If Lord Evans is really a very kindhearted man, and I agree with that, do you think that he would force you to meet me if he would know that you are in love with him? Only a cruel man would do something like that.'

Shaleen cried bitterly for a long time, trembling below me and, finally, she said:

'You are right... I... I pass all the day in the coal cellar, or in the basement. I hardly see Lord Evans and when I hear his voice, or I see him from far, my heart starts to beat so quickly that it hurts me. I feel so nervous when Lord Evans is near to me that I try to hide. I never talked to him... You wasn't lying.'

She told that still crying, and I suspected that, in that moment, she was crying for all times they had mocked her, for the long months or, even, years she passed suffering for her unrequited love. She knew that I was sleeping with her beloved Lord Evans, and she could not stand that. I sensed that she would not attack me again for that day, so I released her and I stood up at her side. She sat up slowly, she stopped crying and she started to wipping away the tears. The dirt on her face had mixed with the tears, and her face had a terrible look. I had to calm her completely or we could not practice that day, so I told her that I would come back soon.

I returned with a washbasin, a jug and a towel. Shaleen was sat in the same position I let her, looking at the ground and still sighing in sadness. I started to clean her face carefully. She was older than me, but she acted as a teenager and I treated her in the same way. When I was cleaning her right cheek, she told:

'Aw! It hurts.'

I cleaned very carefully and I saw some marks produced by my hard slap. I still felt my belly in little pain so I thought that she deserved to have her face in pain for a couple of days. Suddenly, she told me:

'I shouldn't have hit you. I thought that you were provoking and teasing of me, but I'm not very sure now.'

'No need to apologise. Rather avoid to punch me again.'

When I finished, I got amazed. Her clean face was beautiful and I sensed that if her hair were clean, she would look even more gorgeous, so I asked her:

'I'm going to wash your hair, please, undress.'


'Come on, your clothes will get wet. There's no man here.'

'I don't mind. I won't undress.'

'Please, don't be so stubborn. You'll have to undress for trying my bras on. And you must wear them for serving properly to Lord Evans.'

She resisted for a while, but finally, she stood up with a sad face. She took her skirt off and she started to take her bodice off, but she started to cry again, telling:

'I don't want to get almost naked in front of Lord Evans. He will realise how awful I am, and that will broke my heart. Please, don't force me to that.'

As she had stood up, it was strange for me to see a so tall and strong woman crying like a baby. I calmed her, I helped her to wipe away her tears again and finally she took her inner skirt off and she tied it around her hip, letting revealed almost all her thighs and her belly. And when I saw her naked I became utterly astonished."

Charles smiled and told me:

"Let me guess. She was a hot chick, wasn't she?"

"You are right, my lord. She had a so beautiful body that it seemed irreal. She was more beautiful than me, I felt a little bit of envy."

Charles laughed and replied:

"Was she more beautiful than you? It's hard to believe. You must introduce her to me."

"I think that it would be so late, my lord. I gazed at her with so insolence that she covered her breasts and she shouted:

'Don't gaze at me in that bloody way. Are you getting horny or what?'

She really deserved a good punch, but I controlled myself, I had no option but getting along with her. So I replied:

'No, I don't like having sex with women, but... I am astonished. I'm a thareansy, we are the most gorgeous women in the kingdom. You are complaining about your ugliness all the time, but you are more beautiful than me, much more beautiful.'

She looked at my with suspicion when she replied:

'Are you serious? I am too tall, men don't date with girls taller than them, a tall woman is an awful woman.'

'I'm telling the truth. Lord Evans is too obese, women don't date with men with a weight of four hundred pounds, a fat man is an awful man.'

She closed her fists, uncovering her breasts, and she replied angrily:

'Shut up, stupid whore! Don't dare...' And, suddenly, she calmed herself: 'Oh! I understand. Please, forgive me.' And looking at me with a beseeching face, she added: 'Do you think that Lord Evans won't think that I am awful?'

'I'm completely sure, he will think just the contrary. Your only problems are that your clothes are ugly, you face is always dirty, and your hair is not combed, but you are lovely.'

'I don't know how to do my hair, would you teach me?'

I had no option but nodding. I washed her hair, I combed her long red hair and she had a lovely look when I finished. I couldn't believe that such a beatiful girl could be so full of complexes about her look.

The next was asking Shaleen to trying my bras on. She took one of them but she confessed that she didn't know how that piece of cloth was worn, so I had to put the bras for her. She let me do everything without moving. I found that my bras were a little tight for her, so I measured her a little bit and I estimated the changes to do in one of my bras for get it fit well to Shaleen."

Charles told in his usual happy way:

"I'm enjoying a lot. You were putting bras on beautiful Shaleen and you were in underwear. And your bras were tight for her, despite you are very well-endowed."

"They were only a little bit tight for her, my lord. Shaleen and me had almost the same figure, but she was four inches taller than me and, by this, it's normal that she would need a bigger size than me."

He told laughing:

"OK, OK, calm down, you are the hottest chick I've ever seen. It was just a remark. However, when is the fight going to start?"

"Soon, my lord, but I think that you will enjoy a little bit with some events happened during the training. Would you like to hear a brief tale about them?"

"No problem. Continue."
Brought up for serving (Chapter XV)
I will recover this story that I had not updated from a long time. In this case, it was due to a very bad and very hard situation that I had to overcome. I was unable to continue working in a story plenty of eroticism and with a little bit of humour. I felt so sad. But I think that the story deserves to be finished, so I have recovered.

Last chapter is here:…

From a couple of chapters before I started with the character arc of Shaleen. This arc will be very important for depicting a change in Chrystalle's mind. Also, it has some references to a fairy tale. I will explain this at the end.

Enjoy the chapter.

Wâttûleg language has an incomplete declension system. The declension includes the following cases: nominative, acusative and dative. The genitive has an agglutinative structure combined with a preposition that is written before the noun. The ablative is denoted using prepositions and the vocative is constructed by using reduplication and a change in the first vowel of the word.


Words can be masculine or feminine. Usually, a masculine word ends in "e" and a femenine one in "y".


There exists four types: masculine plural, feminine plural, colective plural (used for groups formed by masculine and feminine concepts) and dual (dual is used when it is intended to talk about two o more things that form part of a bigger thing. For instance, the two hands of a person would be expressed in dual, because they are considered part of a single human body)


There exists three declensions in Wâttûleg language:

First one: for roots finished with a vowel (and nouns not representing human-made things)
Second one: for roots finished with a consonant (and nouns not representing human-made things)
Third one: for objects created by human beings.

Wâttûleg makes a strong difference between natural and artificial objects, and between living and nonliving beings. This uses to be a big difficulty for foreign speakers. Also, if you want to consider a human-made object as a living one (for literary purposes, for instance) you can use first or second declensions for an human-made object. Strange and extremly poetic, but possible.


      Sing    M Plu    F Plu   Col Plu   Dual
Nom      -       w        sü       wsâ     dö
Acc      k       ktw      giyu     gē^      kö
Dat      pa      parw     bäy      pô      pö


      Sing    M Plu    F Plu   Col Plu   Dual
Nom      -       w        ü        â       ö
Acc      e       ew       ē        ê       ewö
Dat      y       yw       yü       yâ      ywö


      Sing    M Plu    F Plu   Col Plu   Dual
Nom      -      us        us       -       ûs
Acc      uk     uks       uks      -       ûks
Dat      wa     was       was      -       wâs

REMARK FOR THIRD DECLENSION: In nominative and accusative cases, an "y" is added if the root ends in vowel. (Not for nominative singular)


For these cases, the plurals are the same:  

Plr mas      esw
Plr fem      yisw
Plr colec    yērw
Dual         öt


Wâttûleg is a rather full of options language. The usage of plurals is an example. Supose that there are four stones inside a box. There are several options:

a) Using dual. That means that: i) The stones are homogeneous, i.e., you broke a bigger stone or they are of the same class . ii) You do not stress that they are in a box (if you want to stress, you have to tell it)

b) Using standard plural. You are telling that: i) the stones are heterogeneous, i.e., you picked them separately when you strolled by the coutryside. ii) You do not stress that they are inside a box.

c) Using colective plural. You are telling that: i) the stones are heterogeneous. ii) It is an important fact that you carry them in a box.

Which is the problem? That if you use an incorrect plural, they will not understand properly or they think that you are wrong. For instance, consider these two sentences:

a) "I carry three stones in this box" (you use standard plural)

b) "I could put these three stones in this box!" (you use colective plural: you are stressing that the stones are inside the box, that it was difficult to put the stones in the box)

The problem is that in Wâttûleg you can use the same sentence for denoting these two concepts, simply changing the plural. In that case:

"I carry three stones (standard plural) in this box" has the meaning of a)

"I carry three stones (colective plural) in this box" has the meaning of b)

Wâttûleg is full of nuances like this and foreign speakers must be continuously aware of them. For instance, if you tell to another person that you are excited because you are carrying three stones in a box and you use standard plural, the other person will not understand why you are so excited. In the other way around, if a native speaker uses the colective plural for stressing something and you do not understand what is being stressed, he could think that you are mocking about him.


As it happened in latin, and it happens in esperanto, Wâttûleg uses the accusative for denoting that you are moving to certain place. For instance, in the sentence:

"I am travelling to Texas"

"Texas" must be in accusative.


There exist two ways for the genitive:

a) Use of nouns in suffix form:

Some words in Wâttûleg have two forms: the normal one and the suffix one. Two examples:

House: tägel (normal form) or -gley (as a suffix)
River: sānyek (normal form) or -shä (noun finished in vowel) or -yshä (for nouns finished in consonant)

For instance: Kendra's house is usually "Kendragley"

The use of nouns in suffix form not always is related to a genitive. For instance, the river that crosses Madrid is called Manzanares. In that case "Madridshä" would be translated like "the river of Madrid" or, better, "the river that crosses Madrid".

b) Use of agglutination and preposition kē/kēw

This kind of genitive is formed joining the two nouns preceded by kē (if the first word starts with consonant) or kēw (if it starts in vowel). It is an alternative to the usage of suffix form, however, it is preferred the last one. You must write the owner before the object owned.

You could say: "kēkendratägel" but you will hear usually "Kendragley" instead.

The plural is added to the word that needs it. For instance, "tög" (feminine) is city. You could write:

"kētögtägel" (the house of the city)
"kētögöttägel" (the houses of the city; in dual)
"kētögöttägelöt" (the houses of the cities -the cities of a same country: by this is used the dual).
"kētögöttägelyisw" (the houses of the cities -when these cities does not belong to the same political unit).


First decl.: wtta (tree) Feminine.
Second decl.: bwtask (stone) Masculine.
Third decl.: tägel (house) Feminine


        Sing        F Plu        Col Plu     Dual
Nom      wtta        wttasü       wttawsâ     wttadö
Acc      wttak       wttagiyu     wttagē^     wttakö
Dat      wttapa      wttabäy      wttapô      wttapö


        Sing         M Plu          Col Plu       Dual
Nom      bwtask       bwtaskw        bwtaskâ       bwtaskö
Acc      bwtaske      bwtaskew       bwtaskê       bwtaskewö
Dat      bwtasky      bwtaskyw       bwtaskyâ      bwtaskywö


        Sing         F Plu         Dual
Nom      tägel        tägelus       tägelûs
Acc      tägeluk      tägeluks      tägelûks
Dat      tägelwa      tägelwas      tägelwâs


Vocative is denoted using reduplication. For this, it is repeated as a preffix the first consonant of the noun and adding "y" if the word starts with a consonant. The first vowel of the word must be changed according to these rules:

i,u --- no variation.
a,e,o --- become --- ā,ē,ō
ā,ē,ō,ö,ü,ä: --- become --- ā:,ē:,ō:,ö:,ü:,ä:

"Semivowels" y and w does not change.


Toledo ---> Tytōledo
Bindilisora --> Bybindilisora (Vindilisora: imaginary city from Amadis de Gaula)
Adriana --> Dadriana (according to Spanish pronountiation. See the remark below).
Niuyōk --> Nyniuyōk (New York)
Nōrich --> Nynō:rich (Norwich)
Hiwston --> Hyhiwston (Houston)
Katalina --> Kykātalina (Catalina: female spanish noun)
Espania --> Kēspania (Spain)
Fggans --> Fyfggāns (France)
Doichland --> Dydōichland (Germany)
Yunitid-steits --> Nyunitid-steits (United States)


Proper nouns are transliterated according the pronountiation in the original language. By this, David would be written "Dabid" if the person comes from Spain, or "Deibid" if he comes from the UK or the USA.



TREE: wtta --- Feminine.
STONE: bwtask --- Masculine.
HOUSE: tägel --- Feminine
RIVER: sānyek (normal form) or -shä (noun finished in vowel) or -yshä (for nouns finished in consonant) --- Masculine
CITY: tög (normal form) or -g --- Feminine
Grammar of Wattuleg. Part Three
Grammar of the noun. Probably is not complete, but remember that Wâttûleg is under construction

It is extremly difficult for a Spanish speaker (and, also, for an English speaker) a proper understanding of tonal languages. In Wâttûleg tones are a sort of "accents" because it was a language constructed by european linguists. By this, the "normal" or the "default" tone was not considered before.

Tones in Wâttûleg are derived from Standard Mandarin. Major tone sounds like second Mandarin tone. Subjective tone is like the third Mandarin tone, and the Third tone of Wâttûleg sounds like the fourth Mandarin tone. You can hear them in the beggining of this article:…


The following sounds are represented with a single lettre:

b: as in Spanish and English
k: as in Spanish and English
!: the ! sound from the !kung language. It is like a 'k' but pronounced touching the deepest part of the palate with the tongue, instead of touching the middle part, as Spanish and English speakers do when pronouncing 'k'.
d: as in Spanish and English
f: as in Spanish and English
g: as in Spanish, but always sounds like in 'gato'. It is the English sound of 'g' in 'good'
j: as in Spanish. The sound does not exist in English: it would sound as 'h' but with a stronger aspiration.
h: as 'h' in English (the sound does not exist in Spanish)
l: as in Spanish and English
m: as in Spanish and English
n: as in Spanish and English
p: as in Spanish and English
r: as in Spanish, but it always sounds like 'r' in 'querer'. It is the same sound that 'r' in English.
s: as in Spanish and English
t: as in Spanish and English
z: always as 'z' in Spanish from Spain. Similar to the sound of "th" in "thick".

Another sounds (represented with two letters):

ch: "ch" in Spanish. Like "ch" in "chalk".
sh: Sounds like in English. In Spanish, this sound does not exist.

Another sounds that must be represented with two letters repeated.

ss: voiced s.
rr: Spanish voiced r, as in "ratón". This sound does not exist in English.
gg: French and German 'r'.

The rest of repeated consonants, for instance, the double t of "Wattu", only means that there are two consonants together, pronounced separately.

It is strange, but possible that a double 's', for instance, would represent two lettres 's' and not a voiced 's'. In that case, is mandatory to write a '.' even inside a word: ss=voiced s, s.s=two 's'. This rule only applies to sh, ss, rr and gg.
Grammar of Wattuleg. Part Two
With this short article is finished the part related to the pronountiation of the language. For the next time, the grammar of nouns.
Science in Spain by Imageshr
Science in Spain
Spanish government always paid no heed to science, but in the last years the situation became worse. In a bad economical times it is normal to reduce bugdet, but not reduce them so much that some scientifical centres will be forced to cease to work.

As a form of protest, here is a "meme" about that.
Al last, a very important discovering for me has been done in the CERN (European Council for Nuclear Research). You can read the commuinication here:…

The CERN is the most important laboratory about particle physics in Europe and, perhaps, in the world. They discovered the Higgs' boson and, finally, the Force.

I have ask by email a copy of the work by Ben Kenobi, in order to learn how to use the Force. I tried to use it from several years ago, but I always failed, despite the high amount of concentration that I reserved for my attempts. I tried to lift a car using the Force, but I never succeeded. When I went to pubs, I always tried to convince beautiful girls by moving my hand in front of them and telling: "you want to be my girlfriend", but I never got any date.

I thought that, perhaps, the Force does not exist, or that girls and cars in my country were not affected by it. However, if the CERN has found the Force, then my problem was an incorrect usage of the Force.

I am really happy. I will take photos of myself using the Force and I will upload in DA, when I learn the proper usage of the Force.


I will start to fill my profile. First of all, I must say that English is not my native tongue, so I would like to apologise for the mistakes in my texts. If your mother tongue is English, your corrections will be welcome.

I will use this place to publish erotic tales. I am too shy for writting this kind of literature, so in this profile I will always remain annonymous.

A very important remark is that my writtings are intended to be respectful with the women (and with the men). I will never write about humiliations, rapes or other kind of topics that could be interpreted as a defense of treating women as if they were born only to be sexual objects. If you think that this is my goal then, probably, I will need to improve a lot my English.

I hope that you enjoy my writtings, when published.

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